Spring 2017 Newsletter

Our Growth Has Been Explosive and We’re Back With Awesome news for our amazing customers!


Hello fellow researchers and scientists!  We are excited to share some amazing news with our wonderful customers!

We have now outgrown our parent company and have filed new articles of incorporation that makes OHMOD its own entity.  This allows us to begin to analyze profits and loss more aggressively expand our levels of customer service that you all rightly deserve.

Is this really a good thing?  It’s a great thing! We will be expanding our personnel to continue provide exceptional service as our sales have been excelling an unprecedented rate that we never expected. This allows the employees to focus solely on the inner workings and security of OHMOD.  We have climbed the ranks of Google and have begun to see hundreds of new members signing up daily.

Our first quarter gross earning exceeded our expectations 3 fold, and that put us well out of orbit in our chain of integrity.  Our outage was caused by a complete rush of orders, large and small, that we never anticipated reaching in our earnings estimations.  We used this time to begin the incorporation process that is slated to be finished and fully operation within seven day

Due to this overwhelming spike in sales, there was a delay held up by a third party who rigorously tests all compounds with over 10 years experience. We secondly ensure the purity of all raw products then analyize each solution and compound on a sub batch basis.  We rushed to have all materials tested using a public source, and have confidence in the creation of all research materials we have created. We are now ready to release etiMOD-1 and etiMOD-2, followed by etiMOD-3 and PG Solutions in a myriad of sizes on structure in the coming days.

While we continue to work diligently in setting up our new merchant accounts, we will currently be accepting bitcoin only (this is extremely temporary) at a 15% discount until our credit card systems are back online and working as intended.  We have only ever used Domestic merchant processing and the process is worth the wait for our current processors to create the new accounts as it adds a layer of security.

Despite rushing to file our articles and working with a legal department, we are now going to be using a different payment terminal information that will not have any effect on the end-user’s shopping experience.  We have currently passed our PCI compliance test, and have further increased security layers and RAID systems that will reduce downtime.  To date, we are at 99.94% uptime, and we’d like to see that number begin to climb.

(Warning:  Computer Geek stuff) We feel that PCI compliance is only one piece of the security and trust that has been built with our customer base, and we accept that ruleset as a foundation and not our sole responsibility as a merchant to provide exceptional security. We have many lines of technical defense and are hacker-tested daily with 100% success rate to date.  We have had 1,369,165 secured connections within the last 30 days and have thwarted 1,339 unique attacks, all without accessing our intranet infrastructure that isn’t available without hardwire connection to our network. (/End Computer Geek Stuff). In short, your data is the most important security measure that we hold above all.

We do ask that ALL clients of ours use unique passwords exclusively to our company alone and note that we WILL NEVER ask you for your password.  Our backend is salted and we cannot even see your passwords.

In closing, we are grateful for our amazing team, the hard workers that have made sure each order is perfected and sent in a timely manner with professionalism and integrity.

And one final personal note, I want everyone to know that I (Tyler) am not the sole operator, and not by a long shot.  The many successes of our business are in a muncher larger part due to our amazing staff whom I respect dearly.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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