Observation of Diwali/Deepavali, Our Move, and Large Quantity Restrictions

We have been busy behind the scenes laying extensive groundwork to ensure the longevity of OHMOD, and we wanted to share what we’ve been up to.  But before that, I would love to address the hundreds of emails regarding stock.  In short, we are fulfilling the amount of orders each month we had expected to do in year.  That’s awesome/awful, because we know that the research our clientele will conduct is critical and time sensitive.

We are working to continue to address quantities, and at no point have any of our orders been 5 times less than the previous brokered order.  This is a a new territory for us, as our volume has increased, so has customs taken to our parcels.  We work within the confines of the laws that govern our country and the states we service, however, customs has full authority to cease or hold any number of parcels for as long as they see fit.  In our instance, it’s been some time.  But waiting isn’t an excuse or an option, working with our brokers, we immediately order more if we see any unexpected delay as that loss is not of our clients responsibilities.

In the last week, it has been nail-biting, as nothing had moved out of Indian customs, and that was somewhat upsetting until we were told that there is a major holiday in India that closes the post and their customs office for one full week.  /facepalm – Now that we have passed that hurtle, we have made note of all Indian holidays that will cause delay, and prepare prematurely to prevent any lag-time.

Because of the build-up, we are seeing parcels trickle in, 2-4 a day, working through customs on both ends with a backlog nearing triple-digits yet again.   We are grateful of the implementation of the waitlist, and at the current state here are the customers in line for each product:

EtiZest: 891 Waitlist Members
EtiLaam: 993 Waitlist Members
EtiBEST: 478 Waitlist Members

Please note that our system is of first-come-first-serve and must avoid spam, any user that receives an email that we are in-stock but misses the quantity must re-enter the list.  This is done so as to prevent spammy emails which we despise as much as our clients do.

During our down-time with OHMOD, we have upgraded our facilities and moved to a larger office and warehouse complex that can accommodate more employees at once processing and preparing orders.  You may see a new return address under the same name on your upcoming orders and all returns will be routed to our administrative offices for review.  You wonderful folks made us grow too fast!

This leads to our final note of the evening that will currently only affect less than 100 clients:  Those that generally order 2,500 sheets+ (25,000 pellets) at a time will now be subject to brokering terms effective December 15th, 2016 – This means that we no longer provide same-day shipping of wholesale orders.  This will allow smaller orders to be processed same-day with our excellent customer service without losing out because of rapid stock depletion.  Please note that if you are a client who has ordered more than 2,500 sheets, you must contact support to be register with our wholesale agent who will work directly with you.  Those who have ordered those quantities have received an email with instructions, but if you have missed it, please use our general support and quote your expected volume.  Because of this, any person or company that has purchased 2,500+ sheets previously will not have to pay their invoice until we have prepped their products for shipment.  We restrict this under the analogy that some people will call and order 50 pizzas only to have it be a complete prank; only to watch the world burn.

As always, in closing, we love and respect every wonderful customer we have interfaced with.  We stand behind you with exceptional customer service that is the pride of backbone of OHMOD.

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