Invoicing Questions Answered

We have received numerous questions about how we are currently managing card payments.  I’d like to take a moment to explain how we are handling your orders.

Question 1:  I selected Invoice and haven’t received any invoice request email
Answer: We have to manually generate invoices and they will be sent to your inbox as quickly as possible, based on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Please note due to the high volume of orders, it does take time.

Question 2:  My order says On Hold even though I paid already
Answer:  This is also manually confirmed then marked to return to processing, at which point we will processes it and your order will be shipping with tracking.

Question 3:  When is the automated return of card processing?
Answer:  We are working tirelessly to expedite this process as we’ve needed to bring more team members on board to facilitate in the manual processing.

In closing, when you receive your order email, there is a notation outlining this, but we wanted to make this more visibile so you don’t feel like you’re left in the dark.  We provide utmost professionalism in response times.  Mondays (until our processing has returned) are often chaotic, as we double and triple check that your order is paid and is currently marked.  Please note that all unpaid invoices will be removed after 7 days, and if your order is paid at 2:30PM PST, we will be shipping it out same day.  Please be sure to make your invoice payment once it is received.  The order will then be manually brought back to the standard processing method.

And as always, we accept bitcoin and litecoin at a 10% discount that is automated.  If you have coin-based questions, never hesitate to use our support tools and ask any questions you may have, as we’ve got a few geeks on staff that know exactly how bitcoin and the like work.

Thank you all for your patience in this matter and we hope to return with automated card handling as soon as possible.

4 replies on “Invoicing Questions Answered

  • Koocie

    I am a returning customer and just placed an order, however it never went to the page with the card number and stuff to make sure I have the card number of the one I plan on using. Thank you.

    Sincerely, a happy customer

  • Samuel

    Amazing service. I absolutely can not stress how prompt and speedy this company is. OHMOD is without a doubt, the best. Please keep up with all you are currently doing. I refuse to go through the hastle of bitcoin. So this new invoicing is a time of brilliancy from a great business.

  • johnwalsup


    I just wanted to comment about the recent changes. It took me a try to figure out the invoice change. But I got it figured out and its not too complicated. Still have excellent customer service.

    My research has flourished and am satisfied with packaging, getting A to B. Y’all still will be my goto. Thank you for doing things the right way instead of taking shortcuts.


    John A.


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