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We would first like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year, one filled with joy and prosperity.  We look forward to all the wonderful things that 2017 will bring and can promise you that we will work tirelessly this year to make it the best yet!

We launched in the fall of 2016 and have seen over 11,000 orders, which has beaten any expectations 100 times over.  We found stock shortages by our single broker to be of great frustration, as we would sell out hours after we released the products.  That was simply not acceptable, and we are now working with many different teams to ensure the products we sell are readily available for shipment.

This last week has been an exciting one as if a dam broke and floodgates unleashed in the inventory of lab coats, beakers, and compounds that we had been waiting for.  We had over 1,000 people on each waitlist per item, and the emails being sent to each of you was such a relief, and within 3 minutes the orders began to pour in.

Many have asked to place pre-orders, but we will never offer this as a service because we make a guarantee of same-day shipping before 3 PM Monday through Friday and 12 PM on Saturdays.  Taking pre-orders would defeat such an event that we take such pride in.  We would also like to mention that some members have successfully helped test our priority express shipping and we will be rolling that out as a feature within the coming months to the general public.  The requirements for overnight shipping will be more strict as to coincide with the requirements of USPS (most 1-day shipping parcels need to be submitted far earlier than the standard 5 PM cut-off)

Nearly 100 people have sent us emailed inquiring about the PG solution that is currently on our website.  We are currently looking for researchers and research companies that have provable access to either sophisticated NMR or GC machines.  We have taken this route because, despite internal testing, our mission is for absolute transparency. If your team has access to such tools, please email us with the machine information you have access to, a picture (you may remove EXIF data) with your email address typed or hand-written alongside the machine and tools, and any other pertinent information that will assist in making this data public.  We could easily post our NMR results, but we want third parties to share their findings before releasing this product to the public.  The goal of the PG solutions is to be the absolute benchmark for qualitative analysis of like products that vendors, ourselves included, sell for research purposes.

OHMOD shares a principle that information should be readily available and peer-reviewed, and we ask that the community assists us in this goal.

We will continue to provide the most excellent customer service to our amazing customers and to ring in the new year, we are offering 10% off all products using the coupon code 2017.

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