First of many waves to come has been completed, more to come in the coming weeks

As you’ve noticed, we are back online with customers able to check out using secure eCheck and our ever popular Cryptocurrency checkout methods.  We have optimized our javascript and run extensive security tests.   We are still working closely with our credit card processor to work out all bugs that they are working through.  We always like to remind our customers that we never see any credit card or eCheck information.  This allows us to focus solely on customer server and quality control.

The credit card processor is working to come online and may be intermittent in the coming days and weeks, so we encourage those who aren’t comfortable with using cryptocurrencies to utilize the simplicity of eChecks.  To check out, simply log in to your bank and find our account and routing number.  Most banks offer 24-hour support, so they will likely be able to walk you through finding this information.

Starting next week we will be returning certain product, although the size of each unit will be slightly larger in size, this is exciting as we are utilizing top of the line materials.

In the very near future, we are rolling out different pricing models that encourage larger orders with even greater discounts.

Please sign up to your favorite item’s waitlist if we are out of stock

NOTICE:  We are running load tests all weekend (3-16 to 3-18) to look for slower files and focusing our energies on ensuring the net code and PHP and JS programming is crisp and neat as our security systems are heavily modified to benefit our entire customer-base.  If this page fails to load or you receive an error message stating Page Not Found, simply refresh the page as we are pushing the repository in real-time.

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