Our August Update, LiteCoin, Credit Cards, and Stock Resurgence

You may have noticed certain compounds have returned to a positive inventory and are now available for purchase. There was a delay, quite unexpected on our end, that we immediately began problem solving.

First, we are pausing credit-cards as we find nothing but displeasure in our merchant processor who’s timeline was too slow, despite having incredible security, we saw too long of a delay period between transaction mistakes and the pend falloff.  We take pride in swiftness and expedience with our business, and having a mistake cause a 72 hours to drop a pending charge is simply unacceptable.  Our entire business is built around speed and efficiency.

We are currently negotiating terms with a new domestic processor who has been made clear that security is our first goal and speed and reliable take a close second.  If there is a mistake made during the checkout process, there will be a lessened delay (if any) on funds being reimbursed.  This issue effected less than 1% of our clientele, but we’re not satisfied with anything less than perfection, timeliness, and the respect of our customer-base.  We are anticipating the return of all major credit card within 7 business days from today.  We will not accept any processor that is not domestic and does not support PCI3.1/PCI3.2 compliance practices.

Second, our shortage was caused a series of unimaginably large orders that have been successful, of a caliber we did not anticipate.  As a business still in its growth period (sub-3 years of operations), it is hard to gauge what your sales will look like, and when large orders come in, we are left to play catchup.  Our success has only grown, and we are always willing to accept any order, large and small.  We will always work with expedience to ensure that handle all business with the utmost integrity and all compounds are analyzed by third party scientists in a peer-reviewed circle.

The introduction of LiteCoin along side UASF BitCoin

We understand the volatility and state of Bitcoin beginning tomorrow and during the argument of late between Hard- and Soft-Fork, and are taking precautions by accepting Litecoin, which operates in a near identical fashion to bitcoin, however, is not undergoing dramatic changes currently.  We don’t know what fate the BitCoin-Cash Hard-Fork will entail, but we are currently accepting soft-fork BTC and LiteCoin.  When checking out, simply select bitcoin or litecoin and use your wallet to send funds like you would normally with any bitcoin purchase.  We are expanding in to other currencies as well, but will roll them out based on insider projections and ease of availability.  As it stands, LiteCoin is available by many trusted sources, paralleled with bitcoin.  Etherium will be the next coin we will accept, but during this test we are using Soft-Fork BTC and LiteCoin as customer methods of payment. Checkout is still as simple as ever, and if you’ve comfortable with buying and selling of BitCoin, you will find LiteCoin to be as reliable and quick to process.

We sincerely appreciate all of customers and appreciate that we will work with all clients, large and small, to ensure that ALL purchases with OHMOD are smooth and seamless as possible.  When we have selected the right credit-card processor, we will make another announcement to our patrons and will keep transparency as much as possible.

Please note that our support hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PST and Saturday 9AM-12PM PST that parallel with our same day shipping schedule.


3 replies on “Our August Update, LiteCoin, Credit Cards, and Stock Resurgence

  • M.J

    @Cris there is an option at checkout to pay by CC through prepaid invoice (choose this at payment). You will get an email invoice for the price of your order in a separate email from your ohmod receipt. Open, click, pay. Tyler was an absolute gem helping me. I can’t say anything but great things about ohmod. Excellent customer service, great research supplies, fast shipping 🙂

    • Tyler @ OHMOD

      We are wary abouting giving an exact date. We a firm believers that if it isn’t perfect, it isn’t ready. But, with bit and litecoin discounts and the simplicity of the usage, it’s never been easier to buy a coin currency.


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