513 Orders Shipped In 24 Hours, Overhaul to Email Server System, And More

Howdy my fellow researchers, scientists, doctors, and academia’s finest.  I wanted to share the excitement of our last 24 hour run!  We recently acquired roughly 20% of our products in customs, which has been great for those hundreds of people that signed up to our wait-list per item.  We feel this has been a much more valuable tool than the status page that needed to be checked daily.

In the last 24 hours, we’ve packed and shipped 513 parcels!  A new record, shattering our previous record of 339 in a 24 hour span.  This is super awesome, and I personally owe a huge debt of gratitude to the amazing members of OHMOD who worked tirelessly with such a spike.  Our packaging warehouse has a loud dinging sound when an order comes in, alerting our team to get on it right away, and the dinging continued with passion.  This is nothing less than incredibly exciting.  And all of this excitement was brought on by you, the customer, who we dearly cherish.  We now have a wall of 110 emails received from folks that have shared their positive experiences with us, and the heads of OHMOD feel it is critical to remind our team how valuable they are to the success of this part of our corporation.

With such an influx of scientists receiving their in-stock notices and information from their orders, all was well until our mailserver exploded when we updated stock of certain products and nearly 1000 emails were sent at once.  Our mailsever provider gave us a stern ‘talking-to’ to let us know we aren’t allowed to send that volume of emails in one shot and to find another option.  Incoming panic mode, until we reached out to the awesome folks at Mailchimp who provide a service called Mandrill – This allows large volume delivery methodology.  You may now see that the metadata of each email you receive contains data from Mandrill.  We have updated our terms of service to reflect the usage of Mandrill to delivery our emails, and have been awarded the use of 2,100 emails per hour.  Your emails will now be safely delivered without any issue and in a very timely manner.

As we continue to wait for Japanese and Indian customs to release most of parcels and to then pass through USA customs, we will be adding additional features and services to OHMOD, including NMR data submission, where those who share their test results with us will be rewarded aditional products for NMR testing.  We will use a very strict checks and balances system so that this is not abused, and those submitting NMR testing will need to source their results that we can verify.

We will also be adding a form for request submission of compounds that we currently do not sell.  Our lineup is not where we plan to stop; we plan to expand to other compounds for further research from the amazing scientists and researchers that power OHMOD.

In closing, I personally cannot thank each of you enough for your loyalty to OHMOD will ensure the continued thriving and success of our brand and the customer service that we provide for you.

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  • Tyler @ OHMOD

    Hey Zachary,
    We did, indeed, discover your messages attached to our automated order response emails. We have emailed you directly to go over solutions to your current issue. Please review and respond directly in-line with the email to ensure proper delivery. We do appologize for missing such emails, but staff work in shifts and orders come in, we prep them and ship them even during late night hours.

    We will absolutely get you squared away when you respond.


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